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We understand that many providers are tired of the piles of “paperwork” required by most networks today.  We are clinicians ourselves so we want to make this as clean and simple as we can without sacrificing quality and accountability.

Employee Health Consultants, Inc. covers approximately 30,000 lives in Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois.  Our biggest concentration of employees is in the Midwest.  We cover both employers and union groups.  Our corporate office is in the Chicago suburbs. Most of our accounts are industrial in nature although we also have some groups in consulting, insurance, sales and banking.

Our model varies with each account from 3-session assessment and referral to six-session (or more) short-term treatment.  We work with most of the large Behavioral Health carriers and managers and normally try to use contractors who can continue treatment within the employee’s or member’s health insurance benefits structure.

Application Instructions

Along with your application we will need current vitae, a current professional liability face sheet with at least 1M/3M coverage and a copy of your license.  Send the information to our corporate office to attention of Frank Morales, Network Manager.

Employee Health Consultants, Inc.
Att. Susan Franklin (network manager)
101 N. Virginia, Suite 110
Crystal Lake, IL 60014 

We will respond within 30 days.  There will be no contract to sign other than a one-page agreement that will accompany your acceptance notification.

We are most interested in those with some workplace or EAP experience.  In addition we are most interested in more experienced providers and those with some substance abuse treatment background.  These qualifications are not exclusive but we would be weighted in this direction. We do not guarantee referrals although we are conscious to limit the number of clinicians in a given zip code to make referrals likely.

Click to view Provider Application Form. (This will open as an MS Word document)

For further information, please see Office Contacts.

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